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The Scrapbook Preservation Society participants are all volunteers. We pay no dues nor receive money for our work. We liken our group less to a trade association and more to a community action group. Like a group of neighbors rolling up their sleeves to plant a garden and beautify the block, we are rolling up our sleeves to make our scrapbooks last, to make scrapbooking last. Listed below are the current SPS participants.


Visit 3M Now!

3M is a worldwide supplier of premium tapes, adhesives, abrasives, and a wide variety of products used in industry, commercial, and consumer markets. 3Mís involvement with the Scrapbook Preservation Society stems from their commitment to providing products and services that meet the needs of their customers while maintaining a level of communication that assures the right product is used for the right job. As part of this commitment 3M is supporting the open exchange of information and education that Scrapbook Preservation Society is providing.

Visit: 3M Office Products

In our "Product Catalog" visit the Mounting and Specialty Tapes section for your crafting needs.


Visit Archiver's Now!

Archiver's is a memory-craft retail store in business to help customers with creative ways to organize, display, preserve and enjoy their photographs and memories. Archiver's shares Scrapbook Preservation Society's commitment to providing products and services that ensure photographs and memories are well-preserved and well-documented for future generations. As part of that commitment, Archiver's is proud to be actively involved in and supporting the mission of Scrapbook Preservation Society. 

Visit Avery Dennison Now!

Avery Dennison is a global leader in pressure-sensitive technology and innovative self-adhesive solutions for consumer products and label materials.

As a member of the Scrapbook Preservation Society, we are dedicated to meet the needs of the scrapbook community by developing innovative products that satisfy the Photographic Archival Test (PAT) requirements and are safe for consumers.

Visit our website for more information on our Scrapbook products.


Visit Creating Keepsakes Now!

Creating Keepsakes scrapbook magazine inspires readers to preserve treasured memories through photos, journaling and artistic techniques on scrapbook pages. The magazine provides a wide variety of styles and ideas as well as step-by-step techniques for intermediate to advanced scrapbookers who are passionate about their hobby. 

Creating Keepsakes is aware of the need for scientifically safe and proven products and techniques for our scrapbook projects and part of that effort is to obtain industry agreement as to what guidelines these products should meet. It is with this in mind that Creating Keepsakes brings its experience from the CK OK program to support the efforts of the Scrapbook Preservation Society and the open exchange of information they promote.

For more information on Creating Keepsakes, visit us at: www.creatingkeepsakes.com

Visit Fasson Now!

Our Fasson-brand papers, films, and foils are widely used by label converters and consumer products package designers and manufacturers.

As a member of the Scrapbook Preservation Society, we are dedicated to meet the needs of the scrapbook community by developing innovative products that satisfy the Photographic Archival Test (PAT) requirements and are safe for consumers.

Visit our website for more information on our Scrapbook products.

Visit IPI Now!

The Image Permanence Institute (IPI) is a university based non-profit research laboratory devoted to the scientific study of imaging and information preservation. IPI has been providing preservation products and publications, consulting, and research and testing services such as the Photographic Activity Test (PAT), pH, fade-resistance, lightfastness, and pollution resistance to the imaging and scrapbook trades since 1985. IPI has been pleased to be a part of the Scrapbook Preservation Society since its inception in June of 1999.

The Image Permanence Institute at the Rochester Institute of Technology for information on our products, services, and sponsors.

Visit John Porter
Everyday Archives Now!

John Porter Everday Archives albums and papers meet the highest standards of true archival quality products. We know photographs are the key to preserving our history. Thatís why every batch is independently tested to ensure a page permenence of 200 years. Our exclusive Perma-Hinge is 100 times stronger than traditional pages. Because so many important memories go into every album, we support the work of the Scrapbook Preservation Society to teach, learn and reach agreement within our industry for critical standards of scrapbook products. 

Please visit our website for information on the John Porter Everday Archives collection.

Visit Krylon Now!

Krylon is the nation's leading spray paint manufacturer, offering a wide variety of products to the consumer, contractor and industrial markets. Krylon products include many creative and protective finishes that are acid-free and archival-safe for use in scrapbooking. Artists and crafters have turned to Krylon for more than fifty years to protect their projects, and scrapbook enthusiasts are assured the same reliable protection from a brand they can trust.

Krylon is proud to participate in and share the mission of the Scrapbook Preservation Society. Through consumer education and archival quality products, SPS and manufacturers can together ensure that our memories are preserved for future generations to come.

Visit our website for more information on our scrapbook products. 

Visit Lineco Inc. Now!

For over a quarter of a century, Lineco has been manufacturing Archival Quality Materials for museums, libraries, and archives worldwide. Archival products are our business.  We believe that education and communication provided by the Scrapbook Preservation Society will enable consumers to recognize and choose proper materials and methods to protect priceless family heritage. And preserving what's priceless benefits us all.


Visit MACtac Now!

Scrapbooks convey a familyís history and are meant to be shared for generations. MACtac is a member of the Scrapbook Preservation Society because we share a commitment to supply products that preserve the loving memories that go into each scrapbook. 

MACtac is a leading manufacturer of pressure sensitive adhesive (self-adhesive) products used in a wide range of industries from consumer products to assembly engineering. From postage stamps to billboards, transdermal patches to high-speed laser label stock, MACtac products are in just about every market imaginable. Founded in 1959 in Stow, Ohio, MACtac has manufacturing and distribution facilities in 12 countries worldwide. MACtac is a fully owned subsidiary of the Bemis Company, the largest flexible packaging supplier in North America.

Our state-of-the art technology combines adhesives, face stocks/carriers, primers, topcoats and releases to create innovative products that meet the demands of a wide range of customers and applications.

Visit MACtacís website to learn more about these products and the many other pressure sensitive products MACtac has to offer.

Visit Mrs. Grossman's Now!

Mrs. Grossmanís Paper Company was founded in 1979.  We are the only sticker manufacturer in the United States, and thus have complete quality control of our product. The company is one of the pioneer scrapbooking suppliers, venturing into the industry over 15 years ago. We were the first company to produce photo safe stickers and our products are tested through Rochester Institute of Technology to ensure their photo safety. We are a member of SPS because we are positive that this society is truly committed to ensuring that the products being used in scrapbooks will help preserve them, not just decorate them. Mrs. Grossmanís believes scrapbooking is more than just a craft. It has already proven to be a very important part of family history, if not American history, and because of this we want to only offer products that will ensure the safety and longevity of these precious family memories. We are proud to be a pioneer in modern scrapbooking and hope to help this wonderful industry continue growing.

Preservation Source

Preservation Source has been supplying quality scrapbook products to the scrapbook industry since 1984. Our commitment is to continue this mission through involvement with the Scrapbook Preservation Society to provide scrapbookers with essential materials and methods for the preservation and extended longevity of their scrapbooks.

Visit Preservation Technologies Now!

Preservation Technologies is a world leader in developing, manufacturing and supplying paper preservation products and services. We have been advancing the technology of paper preservation by safely neutralizing acids in paper for more than eleven years. Our products and services are used by major research libraries and archives. Through a creative alliance with EK Success, these products are now available to scrapbook and paper craft enthusiasts. We feel that by participating in the Scrapbook Preservation Society we can help consumers by providing education and information that meets the standards recognized by the conservation profession.

Visit Sakura Now!

Sakura of America is dedicated to providing North American customers and consumers with quality writing instruments, markers and artistic mediums that empower individual self-expression. Sakura's participation in the Scrapbook Preservation Society reflects our corporate philosophy in the development and efficient delivery of technologically superior, innovative, affordable, and safe products. It also builds on our continuing support of community, national and international creative education programs. Sakura products make individual expression and artistic freedom tangible----and values showing people how that power of expression can live on for generations to come.

Visit our website for more information on our Scrapbook products.


Visit Scrapbooking.com Now!

Scrapbooking.com MAGAZINE is the worldwide leader of the online scrapbooking community. As a participant and supporter of the Scrapbook Preservation Society, Scrapbooking.com MAGAZINE has committed its technical and marketing resources (free of charge) to the promotion and maintenance of the SPS website. We are completely committed to SPS and its stated goals of ensuring the integrity and honesty of the scrapbooking industry for our readers, retail store network and advertisers. As the leading publication within the industry, we know that our relationship with SPS will help create a greater awareness of the proper and safe usage of products designed to preserve memories for future generations.

Visit Stampin' Up! Now!

Stampiní Up! is a direct sales company that offers an exclusive line of decorative rubber stamps and accessories. Our involvement with the Scrapbook Preservation Society represents our desire to provide quality paper, card stock, accessories, adhesives, and other scrapbooking items for consumers. We are committed to offering worthwhile products, sharing valuable education, and providing opportunities for customers to preserve their memories and enjoy creative accomplishments. 

For more information about our company and products, please visit our Web site at www.stampinup.com.

Visit Therm O Web Now!

Therm O Web is a manufacturer of industrial adhesives and machinery for commercial use with a Consumer Products Division that develops and markets special versions of those adhesives for consumer use. Therm O Web prides itself on the ability to introduce products designed around strict guidelines; consistent testing and adhesive refinement allowing us to maintain the highest standards required to be considered "Archival". Products created in the Consumer Division are used by trusted names like Fiskars, Junkitz, Martha Stewart, Mary Engelbreit and many more. A driving philosophy is to listen to consumers and retailers, react quickly to their needs and educate them on the proper choice and application. An expanded product education program with key retailers and participation in the Scrapbook Preservation Society will help Therm O Web inform today's crafting and scrapbook enthusiasts so they can make the best decisions when choosing the right adhesive for any project regardless of brand.

Visit Xyron Now!

Xyron is an industry leader in the craft and hobby market. The Companyís innovative products make creative self-expression easier by offering superior tools, adhesives and laminate solutions for creative endeavors. Founded on unique, proprietary technologies, Xyron products are quick and easy to use; perfect for transforming printer and other creative output into works of art.

Xyron and the Scrapbook Preservation Society will ensure that the creative marketplace has quality, longevity-assured, lab-tested products that withstand the test of time and bolster the preservation of memories and personal legacies. Xyron's commitment to manufacturing quality tools and making creative expression easier is exemplified through their innovative, affordable, game-changing products. In doing so, Xyron is an integral component for consumers to connect with their past by preserving their photographs, mementos, and special keepsakes, so that personal stories can live on through the generations.

More participants will be listed soon!


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