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The founding members of the Scrapbook Preservation Society met together for the first time at the Great American Scrapbook Convention in June of 1999. We started as an ad hoc committee and originally called ourselves the Scrapbook Technical Committee. Our common interest at the time was to study the potential for preservation standards for our industry. In February of 2002 the Scrapbook Technical Committee changed our name to the Scrapbook Preservation Society. While preservation is still the focus, SPS has shifted away from creating formal standards toward an emphasis on developing a common preservation language and providing preservation education. The reasons for this are two-fold. The first is that not all classes of products are yet represented in our group, and it would be unfair to develop standards that did not include input from all affected parties. Secondly, the shear number of scrapbooking products and practices have lead us to believe that the years it would take to develop standards would not produce as positive and immediate an impact as simply sharing what we know now with you now.

The SPS mission is to collect, review, organize, and distribute science-based preservation information to the scrapbook community through the publication of preservation guidelines, informational articles, and technical papers, and through the presentation of educational programs.






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